Sunday, March 22, 2009

P is for Perfect!

There's something about alliteration that I just love; it must be the English Major in me. Or maybe it's just that all amazing foods start with the letter P.

Last time I made a pizza, it was a Provolone, Pear & Prosciutto Pizza on Puff Pastry for a Christmas party appetizer.
Tonight I'm making Prosciutto Portobello Pesto Pizza on homemade dough*. I have a love affair with prosciutto, so I can hardly wait to eat this! I'm going to throw on some fire-roasted red peppers as well (since I bought them for the Cat Cora menu plan that has been abandoned for now!) and I have provolone cheese instead of mozzarella. Peppers, pesto, provolone, portobello, prosciutto, pizza.... PERFECT!

*I had to throw out my first batch of dough because there was too much flour, so I tried it again with only 2 1/2 c. instead of 3 c. and it seemed to be much better. It's supposed to make 3 pizza crusts, but I just made one big crust instead.

Step One: Cover the pizza dough in pesto. Top with a little provolone cheese, mushroom slices (that have been cooked at 450 F for about 10 minutes), artichoke hearts, fire-roasted red peppers, and more provolone.
Step Two: Bake at 425 F for about 20 minutes. Then toss on pieces of prosciutto and baby spinach.
Step Three: Dig in!
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