Monday, December 21, 2009

Hot Saskie Mamas 7th Annual Christmas Consumption Extravaganza

I met some awesome ladies through an online moms' group when my daughter was born, and we've been getting together every Christmas (and a few times in between) ever since. This year I hosted it at our new house, and we had a plethora of delicious appetizers and desserts!

Jacqui brought Bacon-Wrapped Figs Stuffed with Goat Cheese. They were fabulous.
Loree brought the absolute cutest things in the world! Penguins made out of black olives, flavoured cream cheese, and carrots. The igloo was made of pinwheels made with feta cheese, craisins, and green onions. Delicious!Glennis brought a lovely assortment of crackers to go with her favourite goat cheese covered in cranberries and cinnamon.
I made the Extarordinary Cheese Dip (no picture) and the Cookie Dough Truffles. I also made my friend St├ęphanie's awesome punch recipe:
1 L orange juice
1 L pineapple juice
1 can frozen lemonade
2 L gingerale
2-3 c. sorbet (I used raspberry, but the recipe called for lime)

We also had amazing homeade guacamole & pita chips, spanikopita, garlic bread, a shrimp ring, and I can't remember what else, but it was all fabulous. We seriously pig out at these parties, and have a blast!

Although it isn't really food-related, I just have to share the wonderful gift I got from the gift exchange:
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed playing Shooter Roulette!
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