Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Rolls of Heaven You Can Eat, and Grilled Watermelon Mojito Skewers - you know you want to read this!

This afternoon I felt the urge to bake (which doesn't come upone me often) so I opted for a recipe my friend has dubbed "Little Rolls of Heaven You Can Eat". The name says it all. These buns are fab-u-lous.
Last time I made them, I got all Martha-Stewart and cooked up my own fresh Saskatoon berries, yada yada yada... this time was much simpler, and much better. I spread a layer of Grandpa Jones' saskatoon jam on the freshly-buttered dough, then sprinkled a generous helping of brown sugar, and then lightly sprinkled it with Spices for Fruit Crumble. Dear God, they were amazing. You could do this with any jam, and I do believe it's my duty as a food blogger to try out many more variations of this recipe in the future!
Next on the menu was something that caught my eye in this month's Rachael Ray magazine. There are tons of different skewer ideas, from appetizers to main courses to desserts, and I was intrigued by the "Melon Mojito" skewers.
watermelon, cut into large cubes
rum (I used 1 oz. raspberry rum for about 8-10 large cubes of watermelon)
lime juice (I used fresh key limes, about a tbsp. of juice)
fresh mint leaves, crushed & chopped
Soak the watermelon in a mixture of rum, lime juice, and mint leaves. (I let mine soak for 24 hours!) Place them on skewers and sprinkle with sugar. Grill over medium-high heat for about 1 minute per side, turning it so that each side of the watermelon cubes gets grilled.
I used my grill pan and put the watermelon on fondue forks, which worked well. Unfortunately I forgot to sprinkle them with sugar, and this may have been a key step, because these really didn't live up to my expectations. Who knows if sugar was the all-important ingredient, but I'm glad I gave these a shot, and I likely won't bother again. (But they're still pretty cool.)
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