Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homemade Potato Chips

I just got my new microwave chip maker from Epicure Selections, so I had to try it out immediately!
The "Chipster" and the Slicer ($19.99 each, available Jan 1, 2012) are handy little tools that can help you turn a potato into a quick snack of healthy homemade potato chips.  You can also try it out with kale, sweet potato, and other assorted fruits and veggies, though I haven't tried those yet.  (Keep in mind, I just opened up the box an hour ago!)

I used one yellow potato (skin on) and sliced it up lickety-split with the slicer.  Then I laid the slices on the Chipster (I needed to do 3 1/2 batches in order to use up the whole potato) and sprinkled each batch with a different seasoning.  First I used sea salt, then I tried Barbecue seasoning, and then I tried Chili Lime seasoning.  Pop it in the microwave for 2-4 minutes, depending on your microwave.  (I found that 3 minutes was good on my microwave, and 3.5 minutes made them a little crispier and browner.)  Let them cool off for a minute, and voila - you've got homemade, no-fat, low (or no) sodium potato chips!
It took me about 15 minutes from the time I grabbed a potato from the cupboard till I had a plate full of homemade chips.

So far I prefer the sea salt chips.  The other two were good too, but I like the salty goodness of potato chips, and just a light sprinkle of sea salt gives a nice flavour without all the added sodium that you get from store-bought chips.  I think next time I try out the other flavours, I will add a pinch of salt as well.
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Arindana said...

Thanks for sharing your experience!

So far I've only tried red potatoes. I'm not a big salt fan so I found the sea salt a bit overwhelming. The mediterranean sea salt blend was good (but not offered anymore) and I don't have other blends. I like dipping mine in Epicure's French onion dip.

I've also tried apples but found I couldn't get them crisp enough. Tasty nonetheless.

I will be trying sweet potato this weekend too :)

Now, a colleague of mine bought one too and last night tried it out right away. She found that once the chips cooled, they got soft again. I didn't run into this personally but then again I haven't tried to let them sit out for any lenght of time. Have encountered this? Have you made any ahead of time and stored them?