Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tilapia Lettuce Wraps

I went shopping this afternoon with my Cat Cora shopping list. I bought a few extra things, and left out a few things that I already had at home, but I think the $150 estimate was pretty accurate.

Unfortunately, Safeway did not have much in the chicken or fish department, so I figured I'd leave chicken for another day, and stop at the fish market across the street to get some tilapia. Next time, I'll check the price first, because my 4 tilapia filets were $23!!! I was too embarrassed to tell the lady to put them back, so I silently told myself that if Cat Cora's Lettuce 'Gyros' with Tilapia and Yogurt Sauce suck, she's gonna get a nasty letter from me!
When I got home, I realized I only needed 3 filets (could have saved myself $5.75!) so I decided to save even more and put 2 filets in the freezer for another day. I didn't have any cayenne pepper, so I used my Epicure Cuban Seasoning instead. Otherwise, I think I followed her recipe pretty accurately. We only used a few tablespoons of tzaziki, so next time I would make a fraction of the recipe, but overall I'd say the meal was pretty good. It was really simple to prepare, and it would make a great summer meal.

My husband thought it was alright (I think he had higher expectations for an Iron Chef recipe!) but I loved the light, fresh flavours, and I'd definitely make it again. My daughter ate all of it (without the olive/tomato/onion mixture), and my son just had some fish and frozen corn. He's a man of simple tastes.

So Cat Cora dodged a bullet this time.... until the next recipe!
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k-e-household said...

Your photos look so professional.
I know that my DH and I would loooove this, but not sure about my kid. Could she eat the fish without wrapping it? Is the fish itself spicy?

Kathy said...

No, the fish isn't spicy at all. Maybe with the cayenne it would be, but the Cuban seasoning isn't spicy. You could even try some fajita or chili seasoning instead. My son ate the fish without wrapping it, but my daughter has recently started eating lettuce (gasp!) so she wrapped it up.