Friday, April 17, 2009

As seen on tv!!

We're back from our trip to the big city, and check out what I bought:

I know. You're jealous. You wish you had a 3" Gourmet Bowl Maker. If you check out the Cook's Choice website or the As Seen On TV website, you too could be the proud owner of one of these little gems. Or you could just live vicariously through me as I experiment with new recipes and share them on my blog.

It comes with a lovely "idea book" that includes lists of thing you can make, with absolutely no recipes or ingredients. I think I can figure out a few recipes though.

Tomorrow night is my "Splurge Group" and I'm supposed to bring some munchies. I think it's time to whip up some gourmet bowls of goodness.

I haven't decided what to make yet.... stay tuned to see what I come up with (or please post your suggestions in the comments section!)

Edited to add: BOMB! I had big plans for a white cake bowl filled with banana slices, toffee, whipped cream, and topped with grated chocolate. Heaven in a bowl. I floured the pan before I poured the batter in, but it was NOT a success. Now I have a big pile of crumbled white cake. So I think I'm going to try out something like this recipe from Raspberry Garlic.

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