Monday, April 6, 2009

Look what my hubby did!

My husband is a wonderful man, but he's not known for his culinary skills. He can make a mean poutine, and he often makes a huge plate of pasta smothered in Alfredo sauce (from the jar), melted cheese, and whatever the hottest spice in the pantry is at the moment. (The man's got the highest metabolism known to mankind.) But in the 11 years we've been together, he has never taken raw ingredients and created a meal. Until tonight.

He loves the Firecracker Bow-Tie Pasta from East Side Mario's, and since I created a copycat of Applebee's Fiesta Chicken last week, I think he figured I could copy this one too. With the help of Google and Meal Planning 101 I found this recipe.

He had to make a few adjustments (frozen peas instead of snap peas, cooked shrimp instead of raw shrimp, penne instead of bow-tie pasta) but by golly, that man made himself a meal that didn't involve his beloved jar of Alfredo Sauce.
I'm so proud of him!
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