Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Three Cheese Quiche

To be honest, I don't like quiche. I likely won't eat this. But I think the rest of the family might like it, and I'm pretty sure the kids won't like the Fusion Wraps I'm making for supper tonight, so everyone should end up with a full belly.

Thank you to my friend Jackie for her quiche recipe, which I used as a guideline.

6 eggs, beaten
1 c. milk
1/2 c. spinach, chopped
1 small tomato, diced
1 green onion, chopped
1 tbsp. greek oregano
8 slices cooked bacon, crumbled
1/2 c. cheddar cheese
2-3 tbsp. feta cheese
2 tbsp. parmesan cheese
1 square of puff pastry

Thaw puff pastry for a couple hours, then roll it out and place it in a deep-dish pie pan. Mix together all the other ingredients, and toss in a few extra seasonings if you like (salt, pepper, any of your favourite Epicure dip mixes). Bake at 400 F for about 45 minutes.
Update: I just tried a piece of this. It's delicious. Turns out I do like quiche! I think it's because there's bacon in it. My daughter loved it too... she had two pieces. My son said "bleck" because there were green things. So he ate one of the wraps.... sans tomato, and hummus. But he didn't finish the chicken or the cucumber, so basically he ate some plain tortilla for supper.)
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Jacqui said...

I may actually try to make this one! Rylan loves quiche. If I make it I think I will do it in giant muffin tins and then try freezing one. If they freeze well then they will become school lunches.

On another note...I was looking at your labels and categories and have to say I'm a little disappointed that you don't have a label for "bacon" and one for "booze". Can you fix that?

Kathy said...

I should make a bacon category. The booze category is labeled "Liquor-laced". I'll work on the bacon category another day. Good suggestion!