Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homemade Happy Meal (no toy included, but it's extra healthy!)

I thawed out some chicken breasts the other day, and decided to go searching through the Best Recipes Ever website to look for some inspiration. I found a recipe for Chicken Fingers with Peanut Apricot Sauce that sounded fantastic, so I decided to make that along with some homemade french fries (regular and sweet potato). I used fresh parsley instead of coriander, and I used about 1 tbsp. Montreal Chicken Spice instead of cajun seasoning, just because that's what I had available. I also used apple sauce instead of apple juice, because again, that's all I had available (and I heated it on the stove instead of the microwave). I sliced up the potatoes, drizzled them with olive oil and baked them for about 30 minutes at 350 F. Everything was super tasty, and so much healthier than the chicken fingers and fries you would get at a fast food restaurant.
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