Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan

I've been a lazy blogger - I have six recipes to share with you and I should have posted them last week. My apologies. I followed the meal plan (more or less) from this month's issue of "Everyday Food", and ended up with some pretty decent meals... and a couple duds. I've scanned the recipes to save me the hassle of typing them all out. Like I said, I'm a lazy blogger.

PARMESAN CHICKEN WITH MUSHROOMS AND BRUSSELS SPROUTS (and bacon!)This recipe was really good, although I asked my Facebook friends for some tips on cooking brussels sprouts and decided to use their method instead - I cooked some bacon, set it aside and then sautéed the brussels sprouts and mushrooms in some butter and a little of the bacon grease. Then I added some white wine and let it simmer till the brussels sprouts were soft, and then I added the bacon back into the pan.

POTATO, ONIONAND MUSHROOM FRITTATA (dud #1 - it was okay, but my frittata-flipping skills could use a little work. It wasn't very pretty on the plate.)

See, I told you so.

This was yummy. I used the Herb Rub, but instead of cilantro I used basil.

MUSHROOM AND BLACK BEAN TORTILLA CASSEROLE (Dud #2 - Did you know that if you sauté mushrooms and add cayenne pepper, the entire house fills with an aroma that permeates your lungs and leaves you coughing for the entire evening?)
This was edible, but like I said, the entire house reaked while I was making it.

I hate beets, but I found golden beets at Safeway so I gave this recipe a shot, and it was really good! I added some onion to the roasted vegetables, and I think I seasoned the fish with Cuban Seasoning before cooking it.
STEAK AND POTATO SALAD (I didn't get a picture of this one, but it was really good.)
I don't know why some of the scans came out so tiny - I'll try to edit this post later on and type out the teeny-tiny recipes for you. This will teach me not to get so back-logged with my recipes!!
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