Thursday, March 17, 2011

Linoleum Love

The 1950's were probably a wonderful era.  They certainly produced durable flooring.  Durable, mint-green flooring.  When we first moved in, my daughter thought it was so pretty because it had sparkles in it.  Children always see the good in things -- most adults who walked into our house said the lino looked like carpet underlay!
We were pretty excited to see how the kitchen would look with the new linoleum I had picked out.  Here are some before & after shots:
People better take their boots off, now that I have a pretty entrance way!

What a difference, heh?  It took a day and half for them to lay the flooring - I had no idea it was such a big job!  But they did a beautiful job of it, and I'm so happy!  One more step along the road to our completely renovated kitchen.
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