Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coq au vin, take two

I made Coq au vin awhile ago, and since this week is "Booze Week" I thought I'd make it again. I found a video clip that you may find helpful, but since this is my third time making some version of this recipe, I'm just gonna wing it tonight.

5-6 bacon slices, chopped
2 c. mushrooms, sliced
1 onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, minced
9-12 boneless skinless chicken thighs
2 tbsp. butter
2 tbsp. flour
herbs (bay leaf, thyme, parsley, salt, pepper... any or all of these)
2 c. red wine (I'm using the fancy stuff we got in the tetra-pack. We are so classy in this house.)
1 c. chicken broth

In a large pot, sauté bacon, mushrooms, onion, and garlic. (Sauté bacon on its own for a bit before adding the other things, otherwise it doesn't get crispy.)
Set aside in a dish, and add butter to the pot. Brown chicken thighs in the pot and then set aside. Pour a little wine in and stir up the bottom of the pot, then add flour and whisk until smooth, adding the rest of the wine and broth gradually. Add the herbs. Return everything to the pot. Bring to a simmer and cover partially. Simmer for about 25 minutes, then remove bay leaf and serve with slices of french bread.

(My apologies, this isn't a very appetizing picture. But trust me, it tastes good!)

Feel free to toss in some carrots, celery, peas, whatever you like. It's just chicken stew with a fancy French name.... don't be intimidated! Some versions call for cognac or brandy (and believe me, if I had some in the house, I'd definitely be adding it!) This is such a simple recipe, but it makes your house smell so good, and it makes you feel so gourmet! If you really want to go all out, buy a hunk of cheese you've never tried before from the deli and eat that with your french bread too. Extra points if you talk like the chef from the Little Mermaid throughout supper.

My friend Denise tried out this recipe tonight and sent me a picture of it... here's her version:

If you try out any of my recipes and want me to post a picture of it, please email me at kitchenkathy (at) gmail (dot) com

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MyTigerlilies said...

Made this for supper tonight... YUMMY!
I added carrots and celery. The more veggies I can get my family to eat the better!!
Definately will be made again!!
Thanks Chef Kathy!!!

Kathy said...

I'm so glad you liked it!!! I think carrots and celery would be perfect with it. Thanks for sending the picture... I'll post it on the blog.

Stéphanie, who else? said...

Booze week???!!!!!


Kathy said...

Yes, last week was "Booze Week" as we tried to use up a little of the alcohol we bought for the birthday party. I made two chicken dishes with wine in them, a shrimp/pork dish with rum, a pasta sauce with rye, and burgers with beer. And the week before that, I made tequila-lime chicken. My kids have rock-hard livers.