Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It feels good to cook again!

We finally moved into our new house, after a summer of stress and worry and packing, and a week where we technically had no home (thank God for good friends!) Now all the boxes are unpacked (yes, my husband is neurotic about unpacking immediately), new furniture arrived today, and my dad & stepmom bought us a new barbeque yesterday. Life is GOOD!

While I was in Quebec on holidays, I stumbled upon the Kraft "What's Cooking?" magazine and found this recipe I was dying to try out. It obviously wasn't going to be a hit at my in-laws' house, so I was saving it for a special occasion, like the maiden voyage of my new barbeque. It was worth the wait.

3 fresh peaces, sliced into big pieces
8 thick slices of bacon
2 chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized pieces
Kraft Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce

Take a strip of bacon and pierce it on one end with a skewer. Slide on a piece of chicken, then fold the bacon over and pierce it again. Repeat this with alternating pieces of peach and chicken, adding a second piece of bacon when the first one runs out. (I did this instead of wrapping the chicken pieces in bacon, like the Kraft recipe suggests. I thought it would look prettier and be quicker to assemble. The bacon just zigzags back and forth around the chicken and peaches.) Brush liberally with barbeque sauce, then grill for 10 minutes per side.
(Doesn't look like much when it's cooked, but trust me, it was tasty!)

My hubby and I thought this was delicious, but I need to work on my barbequing technique, because my son screamed and cried at the sight/taste of the "black stuff". Okay, so they were a little crispy around the edges, but I was trying to help my husband assemble the wall mount for the television while these babies were cooking on the grill, so they may have been ignored for a few minutes. Otherwise, they were awesome.
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Donna-FFW said...

It sounds so delicious! I have the same recipe dogeared. Best of luck in your new home.