Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meatball Meals - grocery list

Today in the Leader Post, there was an article called Meatballs from around the globe
that I thought looked interesting. So I went through all three recipes and made a grocery list so I can try them out. Here's the list, in case you feel like joining me:

Things you probably already have:
milk (2 tbsp.)
onions (2)
carrot (1)
garlic cloves (7)
eggs (3)
parmesan cheese, grated (1/3 c.)
crushed chili flakes
chili powder
dried oregano
salt & pepper
frozen corn (1 c.)
beer (1 can = 1.5 c.)
tomato paste (1 tbsp.)
soy sauce (2 tbsp.)
rice flour (1/3 c.) - I think I'll just use all purpose flour
peanut butter (1/3 c.)
brown sugar (3 tbsp.)
bread crumbs (3/4 c.)

Things you'll probably need to go buy:
ground beef (2 lbs.)
ground pork (1 lb.)
green pepper (1)
green onions (3 plus extra for garnish)
jalapeno pepper (1)
lemongrass (1-2 stalks = 1 tbsp.)
fresh ginger (1 tsp.)
fresh parsley (2 tbsp.)
fresh basil (1/4 c.)
fresh cilantro (2 tbsp. plus extra for garnish)
lime (1 tbsp. juice + zest)
Thai curry paste (2 tsp.) -it calls for red, but I'm going to use green
coconut milk (3/4 c.)
fish sauce (1 tbsp.)
strained tomatoes (680 ml/23 oz jar)
diced tomatoes (400 g/14 oz can)
tomato sauce (400 g /14 oz can)
black beans (540 g/19 oz can)
garlic loaf (or pasta if you'd rather have that, but I want to try meatball sandwiches!)
vermicelli or rice
I'm not sure when I'll get this all done, but I'm excited to try out a international meatball-themed meal plan!
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